Selected Christian Teachers of God’s Grace & the Lordship of Jesus Christ

16 09 2007

My purpose in starting this website is to identify a number of online sources of biblical teaching regarding the grace of God and the lordship of Jesus Christ. Since my home is in northwest Kansas, my particular purpose is to support Christians and bible-believing churches in this part of the Great Plains.

The plan for this site is to regularly (2-3 times / week) “plum the depths” of biblical teaching from these various sites. One post might focus on Pastor John MacArthur’s teaching on the depravity of man, another Pastor Bob DeWaay’s exposition on end-times biblical teaching, and yet another on some aspect of the teaching of revered biblical teachers of the past such as Charles Spurgeon or Martyn Loyd-Jones.

You will find that the doctrinal orientation of these teachers is generally Calvinistic in regards to issues of salvation and dispensational in terms of understanding end-times prophecy. Astute bible students will find that not all of these teachers agree on all the areas of doctrine that will be discussed – particularly in regards to dispensational teachings about bible prophecy and the end times. But to the best of my discernment, these sites are consistent in regards to salvation by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Listed below are some of the online sources of bible teaching that will be highlighted on this website….

John MacArthur @ “Grace to You”:

Bob DeWaay @ “Critical Issues Commentary”:

Mark Dever @ “The 9 Marks”:

Al Mohler, President – The Southern Bapist Theological Seminary:

John Piper @ “Desiring God”:

Gary Gilley @ Southern View Chapel: – a online source of biblical teaching with roots in Calvinism, focusing on the depravity of man and the role of the Holy Spirit in the regeneration of sinners in regards to their salvation:

Well, that is a start. LORD, may You be honored by the information placed on this website, and may it be of benefit to whoever you lead to read it. God, may these sources of bible teaching lead myself and others to worship and honor you with our lives, and may we acknowledge and live in accordance with the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every public and private aspect of our lives. We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.




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